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Estimate Self Storage Calculator

storage calculator
In an effort to help you determine what space size you need, inventory your goods and fill in the amount of each article you wish to store in the form below. Then click the Calculate button at the bottom of the form to get an estimate of the Storage Unit Size required to store your items.

This calculation assumes your articles are fully stack-able. More space may be required for aisles to permit access to all items.

Living Area/Family Room # of Kitchen/Breakfast Room # of Miscellaneous # of
Bookcase Air conditioner/Window Baby carriage/Large Stroller
Bookshelves Dehumidifier Bicycle
Storage Cabinet Dishwasher Desk
Arm Chair Freezer/Stand Alone Fan
Basic Chair Stove File cabinet, cdbd
Formal/Occasional Chair Refrigerator File cabinet, 2 drw
Overstuffed Chair/Recliner Table File cabinet, 4 drw
Rocking Chair Chair Golf bag
Desk   Clothes Hamper
Fireplace equip.
Patio table
Lamp Patio chair
Couch/Sofa, 6ft.   Patio chaise lounge
Sectional Couch/ each piece Bedroom # of Piano, baby grand
Average Loveseat Bed, bunk Piano, upright
Stereo System/Console Bed, double Rug, large
Large Table Bed, single Rug, small
Coffee/End Table Bed, king Sewing machine
TV, table-model Bed, queen Suitcase
TV, console Bed, rollaway Table, card
Flat Screen TV/Wall Unit Bookshelves Table, game

Chair Trunk
Bureau Box, book
Dining Area # of Chest, cedar Box, legal tote
Formal Buffet Desk Box, all-purpose
Corner China Cabinet Dresser, single Box, wardrobe
Average-Large Dining Table Dresser, double Washing machine
Dining Chair Nightstand Dryer
Server Armoire Vacuum cleaner

Your estimated unit size